Configuring Sierra Scheduler Tasks and Jobs for Pika

This document discusses how to configure the Sierra ‘Scheduler' tool to create and deliver full exports from Sierra to Marmot’s FTP server for Pika.

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What is Scheduler?

Pika can use full exports sent from Sierra nightly to update changes, additions, and deletions to holdings in the ILS. The Scheduler tool can create this export automatically and deliver it to an FTP server. Pika will use the full export file from the FTP server to update holdings as they appear in the catalog. 

Using Scheduler,  you specify a Task to tell it what to do and Job to tell it when to do it. To configure the necessary task in Scheduler, you’ll need to reference a saved search and a review file in Sierra. The saved search needs to create a full list of the holdings that you want to appear in Pika. For example, this means you can choose to not export holdings such as suppressed or withdrawn bibs and items.  You would define those parameters in the saved search.  Please note that the review file you use in Sierra needs to be large enough to accommodate the full export -- an inadequate file size will cut off some of the records you want to include and a warning will NOT be returned.

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Creating a saved search and task

Your saved search might look like this, depending on how your data is structured:

Once you have created the desired search and selected a large enough review file in Sierra, you need to create a new ‘Output MARC Records’ Task from the Scheduler Admin Page. From the left hand menu, select Tasks. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the Output MARC Records. Click ‘Add.’ 

You will return a form to create a new output MARC records task. Name the task something distinguishable, such as “Pika Full Export.”  The email address you provide will receive information about the task when it runs.  The Review File you have associated with the Saved Search in Sierra should be chosen in the ‘Review File’ field.  You can choose to rename this as you’d like.  The process will assign the file name you put in here each time it runs.  The ‘Store Record Type’ should be BIBLIOGRAPHIC b.  Leave the ‘Retain each box’ option toggled to ‘No.’  The ‘Search on’ options will populate once you set the ‘Store Record Type’ but you will need to change the ‘Stop’ field to represent a wildcard to return all bib records - use b* in the stop field to accomplish this.  Set the login field to be your login for Sierra (you might want to set that list in Create Lists as ‘owned’ by this same user, but it is not required).  Set your saved search so that it corresponds to the review file in Sierra.  ‘Export Table’ can remain set to the default table.  ‘Create MARC Label File’ should be toggled to ‘no.’  You do not need to fulfill the ‘Originating System ID’ or the ‘Project identification’ fields. The ‘Filename’ field should be titled fullexport.mrc


The FTP host field should be Your FTP credentials are the same as those you use to deliver sideloads and other information to Pika via the FTP server. The ‘Remote Directory’ field should read /ftp/(your library’s FTP username)/sierra ; example ftp/aurora/sierra. ‘Secure Transfer’ option should be toggled to ‘yes.’ The ‘Transfer Type’ should be set to ‘Binary.’ Once all values are fulfilled, you can click ‘Ok.’

This is an example of the Scheduler task form as filled out for Marmot. Your information will be different, but you can use this as a guide. 

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Creating a Job

You also need to create a Job, which will tell Scheduler when to run the task you created. 

From the left hand menu, select the ‘Jobs’ tab. Click on ‘Add’ to create a new Job.

Your Job should have a distinguishable name such as ‘Pika Daily Export.’ Assign the Pika Full Export Task you created previously in the ‘Task name’ field. Supply your username from Sierra. The Recurrence start time should happen during off hours for the library, usually in the middle of the night - please note that the FTP server uses time local to Marmot offices (Mountain). If your library is in an area that observes Daylight Savings, do NOT set the start time to 2:00 AM, as this will cause issues. The ‘Recurrence pattern’ should be toggled to ‘Daily.’ The ‘End date’ option should be toggled to ‘No end date.’ Once the form is filled, click ‘Ok.’

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