Circa Inventory Instructions (MLN1 Libraries Only)

Circa Wireless is a web interface that allows staff to scan items using a handheld device, laptop, or PC. It only requires a device with internet access (a web browser) and a barcode scanner.

  • Circa Inventory does use a session or Sierra user license. 

  • Use your Sierra login and password to access Circa Inventory.

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MLN1 Circa Start-Up - Paste this URL into a browser

 Internet Explorer - You may receive the message, “There is a problem with this website’s security certificate.”  Select “Continue to this website (not recommended).”

Internet Explorer security certificate page. Click on the continue to this website (not recommended) link.

Chrome – You may see the message, “Your connection is not private.”  Select Advanced, and “Proceed to (unsafe).” 

Chrome your connection is not private page. Click on the Advanced link.

Mozilla Firefox - You may see the message, “This Connection is Untrusted.”  Select “I Understand the Risks,” and “Add Exception.”  This will bring up the Add Security Exception box.  Select “Confirm Security Exception.” 

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Inventory Instructions

Note: only MLN1 libraries have access to inventory through Circa

Log in with your Sierra login and password. 

Click on the Inventory Control link.  

  • Attach a scanner to the USB port on a laptop.  Wait for the driver to install it on the laptop. 

  • Turn up the volume on your computer to hear the audible tone after each scan.

  • Begin scanning. 

Important Note for Inventory Control: Listen for the audible tone from the computer before scanning the next barcode.  Failure to do this will result in the item not fully processing.  If an item does not process completely that item will show as a missing item on inventory.

Scan the barcode of the item on the shelf, and click Submit. If you have a barcode reader, you may not have to click the Submit button.

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Circa Identifies Item status holds and no barcodes

  • Items that have a current status of missing, billed, gone, etc. will show up when the item is scanned.

  • You can update that status to “on shelf” instantaneously.

  • Items that have a hold will be identified, so you can pull those items to start the hold process.

  • Items that have been billed will prompt you to pull the item to rectify the patron’s bill.

  • Items that do not have a barcode in the system will show when scanning in Circa.

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Inventory Reports

Once you have scanned a section of your collection, you can run a report using Create Lists.

  • Scanning items in Circa adds an inventory date to the item record.

  • Use the inventory date (INVDA) in your review file.

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Create Lists Inventory Reports

This report will help you find items that are in your catalog but were not scanned.  

Here are some of the criteria for your review file search in Create Lists.

  • Item Agency: Use the item agency to narrow this report to your items

  • Inventory date (INVDA): You want to find all the items WITHOUT the inventory date. If you scanned everything in one day, you would pick that date.  If you scanned items on more than one day, you would pick the day you started, and the day you ended.


  • Status: You want to find only items that have the status of “On Shelf.”

  • Location code (optional): You will want to use the location code of the area you just inventoried.

  • Item Call Number Range (optional): You want just the call number range for the items you just scanned. 

  • Loan Rule: You will want to use the loan rule of 0 (zero) to exclude anything that is currently checked out.

  • Due Date: You can also use the field of “Due Date with the condition of “not exit” instead of using Loan Rule of 0 (zero).

Here is what this search would look like using Agency, INVDA, Status, and Due Date in Create Lists.  The information in Value A would match the information needed for your library.

Status of –  is for “On Shelf” 

You can also do a Call # search using “between”

After running the list, any item that was missed during your scanning should be in your review file.  You should confirm that the item is not a recent return.  If everything looks good, you can start marking the items in this review file as missing, either individually or through Global Update Change Item Status.

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