DMCA Violation Response

Despite blocking P2P and Torrent traffic on all public wireless networks, it is not possible to block all of this activity due to the ability for users to encrypt P2P and Torrent connections. releases libraries from liability. We recommend the following response and will work for all libraries supported by Marmot IT. If you fall outside of this scope, please contact us for recommendations.

Thank you for notifying us about this issue.  The IP address identified is used for public wireless access. We will attempt to identify the offending wireless user and put in a harder block aimed specifically at that individual.

Section 512 of copyright law releases him from liability ( ), however, we make every reasonable effort to prevent such activities. Since 03/2014, all of our Cisco Meraki wireless access points ARE configured to block bit torrent BUT on further research of bit torrent protocols and their use in the wild we believe individuals are using encrypted UDP packets to transfer data.  

Cisco provides this statement about blocking encrypted P2P traffic:

"Note: File sharing programs, such as BitTorrent, are now able to be configured to encrypt traffic as secure HTTPS, potentially bypassing P2P traffic shaping rules that have been configured. Cisco Meraki MX Security Appliances and Wireless APs are capable of detecting some of the encrypted P2P traffic on the network. When encrypted P2P traffic is detected, it will be matched to any configured P2P traffic shaping rules, and honor the limitations that have been configured.  However if the traffic is encrypted, it may not be possible to accurately classify all of the offending traffic."