Marmot's Service Programs

A brief overview of Marmot’s various services.

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Overview of Marmot’s Service Programs

Marmot offers a wide range of service programs to member libraries.


Marmot offers customized training for member libraries, with topics on many different functions of Sierra, Pika, IT Services, and the Digital Archive.  

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Marmot ILS: Sierra

Primarily coordinated by User Services staff, Marmot hosts, supports, and maintains the database for the Sierra ILS.  This includes working with Innovative on behalf of members for issue resolution, supporting online services by 3rd-party vendors (Prospector by Colorado Alliance, OverDrive, etc.), running monthly lists to clean up bad data, and maintaining all parameter tables and load profiles in the Sierra system.  Should Marmot become increasingly involved with FOLIO, this service area will be the primary support and administrative home for it.  

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Pika Discovery

A branch of VuFind, Pika is the registered and copyrighted open-source discovery software developed by Marmot staff and provided with the Marmot ILS.

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Workstation Management

Marmot staff provide a high level of cybersecurity by supporting and maintaining local servers purchased and housed in libraries, keeping workstations and tablets safe from malware with regular OS and software updates, and supporting PCReservation, LPT1, and MobilePrint to make public computers and printers as user-friendly as possible.

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Network Management

Marmot staff install, support, and maintain local network appliances with firewall, content filter, subnet, traffic shaping, and diagnostic facilities. Marmot handles calls with internet service providers whenever libraries have internet problems and assists libraries with the procurement of the best available broadband service for each site.  

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Hosting Services

Marmot staff maintain a safe and environment-controlled server room, and provide support and updates to libraries’ virtual servers, websites, and data backup needs.  

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Marmot Digital Archive

The archive uses Islandora for the back-end administration interface and Pika as a Discovery Layer.  Archive content is presented alongside traditional catalog content to increase usability and better surface the unique content of member libraries.

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Shared Collections

Marmot negotiates contracts and group-purchase discounts for electronic collections, such as OverDrive, the New York Times, Flipster, and others.  

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