Clearing Count Use Numbers from Item Records (Global Update)

The Count Use functions enable you to collect in-house usage statistics for library materials that do not circulate. For example, you might choose to collect usage statistics on items found unshelved among the stacks, items left by a copy machine, or non-circulating items that are part of a special collection. The system enables you to count usage by three categories: internal use (INTL USE), photocopy use (COPY USE), and item use 3 (IUSE3).

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Here is more information about Count Use.  If you plan to use any of the count use functions, you can remove those counts at the end of year fiscal or calendar year.  Below are instructions on how to find the records, and remove the counts.

Create a Review File

Create a Review File in Create Lists with all the count use records you would like to clear.  You can do this by searching for your agency and the count use.  

In this example, we used INTL USE.

Line 1: Type (Item), Field (Agency), Condition (equal to), Value A (is your library’s agency)  
Line 2: Type (Item), Field (INTL USE), Condition (greater than), Value A (0)

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Global Update

Go to Global Update Function.

You want to uncheck the Bibliographic box and check the Item box.  Change the drop-down menu to Review.

Find the review file you would like to use for this process.  Tip: type the review file number in the box to find it faster.

You can toggle the information to show the record information for the count use.  Go to Tools>Toggle>Item Fixed-Length Fields, and choose the count use.  In this example, we are going to use INTL USE.

The records are now showing all the INTL USE fields for all the records.  The system groups the records with similar counts together.  

Click on the Command input tab.  If the Choose Command Type box does not pop up, click on the Add button.

The Choose Command Type box allows you to pick what you want to change.  We are going to choose the Change fixed-length field radio button.  Click OK

Double-click the box next to the Fixed-length field to bring up the Select Me box.  Choose INTL USE. Click OK.

Since the records have many different counts it is best to add <any> to the Find box and add 0 to the Replace box.  Click OK.

This will add the information under Command and Action.

Click on the Preview tab.  This will display the records with the Old and New changes.  If everything looks good, click the Process button.

The Process Changes warning box will appear.  Click Yes to proceed. Click No to stop the process.

The Statistics tab will automatically show the Cataloging Global Update Summary.  The menu shows how many records changed, how many records did not change, how many records are busy.

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