Adding a Message to Item Records (Global Update)

Global Update can be used to add information to records.  In this document, we are going to add a message to a group of records.  You would use Global Update in conjunction with Create List. 

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Global Update Adding a Message to Item Records Process

Go to the Global Update from the Function drop-down menu.

The Select records screen will appear.  The BIBLIOGRAPHIC box will automatically be checked.  Uncheck this box unless viewing Bibliographic records.

Click on the box next to the record type you would like to view.  In this example, we are using ITEM.  Change Index to Review from the drop-down menu.  With ITEM checked, you will only see lists of items in the pull-down.  If you want to see fields from item records you have to start with a list of items from Create Lists. Note: clicking on one box does not automatically uncheck the other boxes.

Look for the review file by either using the drop-down menu or typing the review file number. Click Search.

Click on the 2.Command input tab.  If the Choose Command Type box does not appear, click on the Add button.

This will bring up the Choose Command Type box.  Choose the Insert variable-length field.  Click OK.

The Insert Variable-length Field(New Command) box will appear.  Uncheck the box in front of the MARC field.  

Double-click in the box under the Field Group Tag to bring up the Select Me box menu.  Click on the Message button.  Click OK.

Once you start typing the message in the box under Data, the OK button will become active. Click OK.

Click on the 3. Preview tab.  This will display the message that will appear on each record.  If all the records look good. Click Process

Note: any records that already had this message will now have the message listed twice.

The Process Changes box will appear asking if you want to process the updates to the selected records.  Click Yes to process.  Click No to stop the process.

The Statistics tab will automatically show the Cataloging Global Update Summary.  The menu shows how many records changed, how many records did not change, how many records are busy. 

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