2022-09-28 MLN2 HR meeting notes


Sep 28, 2022


  • @Adam Murray @Sean Hanson

 Discussion topics







Marmot Help Desk

@Sean Hanson

  • Who are the staff at each library that needs an account in the Marmot Help Desk?

  • Who are the staff at each library that should be included in the broader all points email list.

    • Add names of staff to the list sent to Sean

Onboarding new employees

@Adam Murray

  • An overview of procedures HR staff can follow for onboarding (or offboarding) employees

    • Will the six libraries be able to add new employees to Sierra on their own, or will that need to be submitted through the Help Desk? (Question for Brandon)

CAL Institutional Membership contact

@Adam Murray

  • Voting membership in Marmot comes with institutional membership for each library in CAL. CAL staff need the name and contact information for the point of contact at each library.

    • Send these contact names to @Adam Murray


@Sean Hanson


The list of recommended tasks are in the attached pdfs in both a summary and detailed form. These outline ASAP, the Automated Security Awareness Program. Ultimately, these are recommended steps to take so your organization is successful in the program adoption. This What is ASAP? video gives a brief description, as well as Automated Security Awareness Program (ASAP). We have already worked through the questionnaire, marking most items as "needed" which adds the most options into the implementation list. 

KMSAT Tutorial Videos - Main page for the Getting Started tutorial videos

User Management - How to import and manage users. They mention Active Directory Integration, which is possible for some libraries, but there is one drawback. This is worth discussing in a meeting.

Initial Focuses:

Training - Focuses on developing Training Campaigns. While Security Awareness is a primary reason we are working with this system, it should not be overlooked that they also have some EDI, Ethics, Harassment, Remote Work, etc. topics. It is even possible to add your own content to the library. Everything you find a use for just increases the service's value.

Initial Focuses:

Phishing - Focuses on developing Phishing Campaigns. We encourage members to continuously (but not excessively) test their staff's awareness by using Phishing Campaigns. It is important for staff to know that these tests are not about trapping or embarrassing them, but instead it is about giving them a regular reminder to remain vigilant. These test are also useful in identifying staff that struggle to see the red flags of a phishing email, and guiding them towards training that helps them to improve.

Initial Focuses:

  If possible, I'd like to get a group meeting going in the next week or two and work on timelines and next steps. We have Mesa County Libraries, Delta County Libraries, Garfield County Libraries, and Basalt Regional Library lined up for pilot implementations. Even if full implementation plans might not be until later this year, I think it's worth working through these initial plans sooner rather than later. I'll send out a Doodle poll with some meeting options.  



  1. Names and email addresses of staff who can submit service requests in the Marmot Help Desk

  2. Names and email address of “super users” in the Marmot Help Desk

  3. Names and email addresses of library staff who should be included in a Marmot-wide all points email list.

  4. Point of contact for CAL institutional memberships per library

  5. Optional: names of point people for cybersecurity training

Scheduling next meeting

@Adam Murray

  • 4pm, Nov 2, 2022

 Action items

@Adam Murray send description of CAL institutional membership
@Adam Murray question on ILS login access for Brandon