Fines Paid Function (Sierra)

The Fines Paid function allows you to view all fines that have been removed from any patrons' records. This function will allow you to view fines paid from current and deleted patron accounts.

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Fines Paid

Choose Fines Paid from the Function list.

In the Limit Display By area, specify one or more of the following: 

Date Paid Between is the date range during which patrons paid the fines you want to view. 

  • By default, the system displays the following:

  • Between: the date of the first fine payment in the Fines Paid database and: the current date (By default, the system uses the entire date range found in the Fines Paid database). Enter the new date(s) that you want to view fines paid.

Statistics Group is the statistics group number associated with a group of your library’s logins that will show the fines-collecting information. You can find your statistics group by going to the Statistical Groups page.  For fines paid by your patrons at your library, you would narrow the search to your statistics group(s).  Otherwise, you will see fines paid by other library patrons for your items to their home libraries.

Login is to view the login associated with the fines-collecting information. Using a login for your library will narrow down the fines collected by each login.  This will only include the fines paid by your patrons at your library. 

In the Owning Location area, your library will automatically be listed as the owning location to view paid fines.  

Changing the Owning Location to All will show all the fines paid for all of Marmot. 

Changing Owning Location to Select Location allows searching of fines paid for a specific location. This will show fines paid by your patrons for your items, as well as fines paid by other library patrons for your items to their home library.  You can use this in conjunction with the Statistics Group information or Login to narrow down the information to fines paid by your library patrons for your items.

Once you have constructed your search, choose the View Fines Paid button. 

The Fines Display will show Overdue Paid, Replacement Paid, Manual Paid, Total Paid, and Total Waived fines.  

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