Sierra Idea Lab Overview

The Idea Lab was created by Innovative Interfaces to gather ideas for its members to make improvements to their software and services.  Idea Lab is for libraries and consortia of all types, using any Innovative product. They need all Innovative users to drive innovation.  Please share ideas, comment, and vote on what is important to your library. 

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How to Participate

To participate, visit Idea Lab at

  1. Go to Idea Lab to either Sign In or Register for an account. 

  2. Click on this LINK to register for the first time

  3. If an account has been created, enter your username and password.  

    1. Click on the Sign In button.


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Always Open Space

The Idea Lab is organized into challenges.  A challenge focuses on a particular product or part of a product for a limited time.  They also have the Always Open Space which never closes and is not limited to any topic. You can post any ideas for enhancements for Sierra there.  You can post ideas for new products or solutions.  This lab works best when ideas have a quantitative value such as the number of hours it will save or people it will help.  Learn more about Always Open works from this list of FAQs.

Click on the Enter button in the Always Open Space box.

Once in the Always Open Space, you can View Ideas or Post Ideas.  When you post an idea, you should share it with one of the Marmot committee email groups of that you are a member.  This will allow for more collaboration and idea-sharing.  

Once you click the View Ideas button, you will see a search box as well as filters.

Using the Advanced search filter, you can search for the Username of the person who posted the idea.  This allows you to search for ideas from other Marmot members for voting. 

The idea will be listed with thumbs up and thumbs down images.  Click the thumbs up to support ideas that would be useful to you.  You can also click thumbs down if implementing a particular idea would create a problem for you.  Each submission needs 15 positive votes and 5 comment posts within 90 days to advance to the Crowd Validation stage.  III considers posts important because they help flesh out an idea.  So it is useful for you to add comments particularly if you can quantify how much the idea will help you or your patrons.  You can click on the title link to view the details including everyone else’s comments.  Each submission in Crowd Validation needs at least 50 votes and 20 posts within 120 days to advance to Expert Review.  Go to the Thresholds for Graduation or Archive in Idea Lab Always Open Space section to learn more.   

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Thresholds for Graduation or Archive in Idea Lab Always Open Space

From Submission to CROWD VALIDATION

  • Qualified Page Views: 30

  • [Up]Votes: 15

  • Number of Posts: 5

  • Age: Within 90 days – otherwise “Archive”

From Crowd Validation to EXPERT REVIEW

  • Qualified Page Views: 75

  • [Up]Votes: 50

  • Number of Posts: 20

  • Age: Within 120 days – otherwise “Archive”

From Expert Review to PRODUCT REVIEW

  • Review Form: Same as now (included below)

  • Review Count: 3

  • Minimum Review Rating: 4.0

  • Qualified Page Views: 75 (no change)

  • [Up]Votes: 50 (no change)

  • Number of Posts: 20 (no change)

  • Age: Within 14 days – otherwise Re-assign to New Expert

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