Change Invalid Text Background Font Color To Find Invalid Blank Fields (Sierra)

How to set Sierra color display so that incorrect fields are easier to see

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When creating a record or record template, many fields are required. A blank field is an error in those cases. Below is an example of an item record template with invalid fields. The default Sierra settings leave invalid fields blank, so they are hard to identify. If you change this in your preferences you can make them stand out so you can tell what needs to be filled in.

For example, this item record template has many fields that should not be left blank. You can see the fields in pink need to be filled in because the preferences have been changed.

The same applies to required variable fields.

And patron records.


This process makes it easier to see these invalid fields in your templates and records so you can fix them.

How to Change the Background Color

This will change the background for all record templates (and records).

Login to Sierra, and click on Edit>Preferences from the menu bar

Click on the Editor Colors tab from the Preferences box.

If checked, uncheck the Use default colors box to edit the colors.

Click on the Background square for Invalid text to change the Background color. This will bring up the Choose a color box.

Any color can be chosen. In this example, we are going to use 255, 153, and 153. This will show a Preview of the color at the bottom.

This will display the new Background color for the Invalid text. Click OK.

This process sets the preference for this machine only. You have to make this setting on each machine where you want to be able to see this change.