Bypass PC Res on Public Computers

This is for staff to bypass the login screen for PCRes, to assist patrons or Marmot with troubleshooting issues.

If you intend to make permanent changes to the computer, you’ll need to first disable/thaw DeepFreeze. You can view those instructions HERE. Reminder that you’ll need to refreeze the machine (re-enable DeepFreeze) when your changes are complete. Instructions for that are in the same article.


  • Press and hold Ctrl while you left-click on the PC Reservation logo in the bottom-left corner of the PCRes screen.

    • PCRes will bring up a password field in the middle of the bottom toolbar, along with buttons for OK and Cancel

  • Enter the staff password, provided by Marmot staff.  NEVER share this password with patrons.

    • Click “OK”.  You can choose “Cancel” if you made a mistake

  • PCRes may require one more step (but doesn’t always): If it does, it will put 3 buttons in the bottom toolbar: “Close Client”, “Log in as Super User”, and “Cancel”. 

    • Click on “Close Client”

You can now work on the desktop of the profile that the computer is presently logged into.  Reboot the computer to get PCRes back to normal.