Stop the Endless Reboot Cycle on Dell Machines

This article will show you how to stop one form of endless reboot cycle on laptops.


  • Tap F12 repeatedly while powering on device until the One-Time Boot Settings comes up

  • Press the Tab button (or use the Down Arrow key) to get to BIOS SETUP

  • Press Enter

  • Click on Admin Password Unlock

  • Enter password (need to call Marmot Help Desk to get this)

  • Click Okay


  • Arrow down to Storage

    • Press Enter to select

    • Press Ctrl+Tab to get to the panel to make changes

    • Arrow down to AHCI

      • Press Enter to select

      • Press Enter again to confirm selection


  • Arrow to Exit

    • Press Enter to exit BIOS

    • Press Enter again to save changes and reboot


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