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No, you do not have to wait for the offline circs to be processed to run your notices. However, you would want to make sure that all your items are checked in before running notices. Some libraries are set up with automatic notices so that patrons can receive notifications about items they returned the previous day. It might be good for those libraries to communicate to their patrons that they might receive a notice for something they returned.

Q: For the MLN1 libraries everything should be back up and running on Wednesday, January 17th, so we would wait to run paging lists until then?






Q: If the patron's account has a message in the message field that normally pops up when we scan their card, will the offline circulation reject that account?


Since Sierra is offline, it will not be able to authenticate if your login is correct or incorrect. When Marmot runs the checkouts the next day, your incorrect login will display with all the checkouts not being processed. So please make sure make you enter your Sierra login correctly for the offline circulation process.

Q: Would we wait to run paging lists until Sierra is back online and the offline circulation transactions have be processed?

It is best to wait until all the offline circulation transactions have been processed before you run your paging lists. If you run paging lists before the offline circs have been processed, you will have items showing on shelf with a bunch of paging lists that might be tied to items that are not actually on the shelf since they were checked out during the offline circulation process. You should wait until you get the confirmation that offline circulations have been processed before using your paging lists.

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