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TIP for busy Parents/Caregivers: If patrons have multiple family members with library cards, parent/caregivers may want to consider choosing the same password for each cardholder so they don’t have to juggle multiple passwords in order to access online accounts and services.

Will the default password or reset passwords be case-sensitive?

The password field is case-sensitive, regardless of whether the default password or a reset password is being used.  The temporary default password is all lowercase. We suggest that reset passwords contain both upper- and lower-case letters, in addition to numbers and special characters.

What are all of the components required for a patron to log in?


The form for self registration includes a blank field for patrons to enter their own password. There is no reason for that field to be prefilled or randomized as the patron is creating it for themselves.

What will happen to linked accounts in Sierra and Pika?

  • In Sierra, linked account functionality is independent of the passwords functionality. Library staff will be able to access linked accounts without passwords.  

  • In Pika, if accounts were previously linked, the linking is not lost, but both the manager and managed accounts have to reset their passwords for authentication. For newly established linking, the manager account will have to know the managed account’s unique password – the default password will not allow linking in Pika.


Patron Support

How do patrons reset their passwords?


Library staff can temporarily change the password for these kinds of patrons and log into Pika as them.

Will all library staff have the necessary permissions to masquerade as patrons?

Permission to masquerade is set by patron type. Libraries that do not have staff patron types should plan on adding one. Let Marmot know if you need to add a staff patron type.


Third Party Resources

How do passwords affect a patron’s interaction with:


  • Access to shared e-resources like OverDrive

  • Access to Pika

  • Ability to checkout materials through self check

  • Access to a third party database where passwords are required for patron authentication

  • Access to public computers where passwords are enabled on PC Res or LPT1

Will the Libby password be the same as the PIKA password?

Yes. Pika and Overdrive/Libby both connect to Sierra as a central location for the patron credentials.

Will the password in Sierra remove any current holds that patrons have in Libby?

No.  The Libby/OverDrive account will not be impacted by passwords other than for authentication verification. All holds and history will still be attached to the patron’s account.

Will patrons only need to authenticate in Libby one time?

Correct, patrons will only need to authenticate in Libby one time, unless they log out or change their password.

Will patrons’ default passwords work for OverDrive?

Default passwords will work for Overdrive until the patron changes it. In order of operations, we would suggest the patron log into Pika first to change their password.

Will patrons be able to access materials they have already checked out during the 24 hour period before the system makes them log in with the new password, or will Libby block them?

Patrons should have access to materials in their account because they will not be logged out of Libby. The system will log them out within 24 hours depending on the last time the patron record was checked or verified by OverDrive. A password change should not prevent a patron from signing into their account.

If we have to reset a password in Sierra, will it take 24 hours for Libby to recognize the new password?

  • It depends on the time of day the password is reset in Sierra.  OverDrive makes a daily call to Sierra; that daily call is when OverDrive recognizes that there is a new password in the patron account.  If a password is reset 5 minutes before the daily call, the password will be updated in Libby in 5 minutes.  If a password is set 12 hours before the daily call, the new password will update in Libby after 12 hours.  

  • Anytime a patron wants to use a new password to access Libby right away, they could log out of Libby and log back in with the new password.  Otherwise, the patron’s previous password will still work with Libby until that daily call to Sierra takes place.

Will I still be able to place holds in Pika or in Prospector for a patron without knowing their password?